Indie Bands Blog on Ummagma
September 10, 2012


Ummagma is the ambient shoegaze duo of Alexander Kretov and Shauna McLarnon, based in Ternopil in The Ukraine.


Originally from Canada – Shauna travelled extensively and draws her influences from wide open wild spaces. Alexander from The Ukraine is more folk and ‘imported from the West’ influenced. This combination makes for a sound that contains a feel of distant horizons, rooted in an historical persp
ective. The out-put though equally as broad spread has a dreamy willowy quality to it, to which the listener can settle back and feel the worries of the day drift out of the mind.


Ethereal wisps of smoke drift past the ears passing in a haze and the head is set free on a journey of hypnosis. The duo use a mix of electronic and instrumentation to deliver their output and they have poised the balance finely, as they do with the duality of vocal which creates a further dimension to the ambient textures.


For some reason, today finds me opening emails from ambient trance musicians and after writing three reviews back to back, in this genre, I find myself slowing down and languishing in a delightful space I have no intention of leaving any-time soon.



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