Ummagma Teams Up with Nameless
September 27, 2012


Brazil's Canibal Vegetariano Zine on this collaboration: 


Last month Canibal Vegetariano wrote about a band called Ummagma in relation to their double album debut in mid-July. Already since then they have produced a new single, together with the psych-rock band Nameless (UA, Ternopil), whose music may be new to Brazil, although they are not a new group at all. In Ukraine, this band is considered to be one of the main founders of the underground rock music scene in Ukraine, beginning in the year that the Soviet Union collapsed.


The song "Dandelions and Bees" was recorded and produced by Alexx Kretov (from Ummagma) in Ummagma’s recoding studio. Both bands live in Ternopil (western Ukraine). Sweetlana Forlove and Zoryan Bezkorovajny from Nameless say that this song is inspired by life in their city and composed by their friend Vasyl Makhno, a famous Ukrainian poet now based in New York.


Nameless is a neo-psychedelic or psychedelic-folk band founded in 1992 and is still going strong, while most groups from the early post-Soviet rock scene no longer exist. This band, which is part of the Davenport Collective, a Cleveland-based indie label, plays music that is rooted in the aesthetics of the 1960s.


It’s a welcome surprise for Ummagma and Nameless to create music together. While the music on Ummagma’s first two albums presents a mix of dreampop, progressive rock, post-rock, post-punk, ethereal/ambient, and indie rock, this latest release continues to demonstrate the flexibility of their sound. This release also introduces us to the work of Nameless. While Ummagma, as a Canadian/Ukrainian duo, offers us international progressive wave, Nameless brings us what is a unique and beautiful voice from the East.



Sweetlana Forlove - vocals, tambourine, keyboards ?

Zoryan Bezkorovajny - guitar, vocals ?

Alexx Kretov - guitar, drums, recording, producing



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