Forkster Rocks on Ummagma
July 27, 2012



Genre: Progressive, electronica, ethereal, alternative rock, post-punk, new wave, indie rock, dream pop

From: Whitehorse, Canada | Kremenets, Ukraine



Shauna McLarnon - Vocals, composition, lyrics

Alexx Kretov - Composition, instruments, arrangement, recording, vocals




Ummagma is an extremely captivating band filled with brilliant music paths of emotions. I particularly love the positive energies it jam-packed my music core with.


They remind me of the brilliant early ambient music years of 4AD Records artists and it’s a real joy having a band like this exist brightly in these daily music times of today!


I see a tremendous drive and vision in Ummagma and basically on that note, I can’t see anything, but superb music roads ahead by this brilliant duo.

FORKSTER was very impressed and will keep close tabs on the future music journeys ahead for Ummagma! I suggest that you all have a real good listen too! 


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