30 Bands Better than Oasis
August 02, 2012



I am so so sick and tired of hearing about Liam and Noel's pathetic little spats with each other (Liam’s new band is wank by the way) and The Stone Roses reforming (and Heaton Park's gig) and people shite-ing on about The Beatles too. When will people move on?! ANYWAY... (doing just that)  It's all in the past and even I grew up on these bands, (I do love them) but I'm really fucking sick of it now. Enough is enough.


So I decided to put this little post together... here's 30 bands that have a better sound then all of the above (combined too) in no particular order other than... off the top of my head...  So let's get on with this... 

(a list is presented of 30 songs and bands, including Ummagma’s “1+1=3”) 


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source: http://scottheaton1000.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/30-bandsmusicians-better-than-oasis.html

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