Mudkiss reviews '1+1=3'
July 22, 2013


Music being intuitive manipulation of waves, I have long believed in symbiotic link with physics, but I never thought that words of a particle physicist, albeit an entirely enigmatic speaker, would turn up in a song. In fact appliance of science; in the form of electrical manipulation, unequal equation yielding unexpected result in Alternative Eurovision and development of new musical form, christened by me, Epingle; turned out to be recurring theme in this month’s selection, which in itself offered a conundrum; how to fit a pint in a wine glass. This month and a half has poured creativity into my brimming in box, hence section at end which rather impersonally lists the overflow; ones I would have written about given time , space and an alternative reality, where time sings my tune and doesn’t pull my strings.

Where music is concerned, I do not allow head, sense nor trends to influence me; the only area of life where I can entirely follow my own heart in seeking elusive maverick spark; Bowie’s music, complex in its simplicity, unique yet universally communicative, my holy grail; its spirit the one I trail. So, I am not going to explain my choices nor put them in any form of order, neither preferential nor by genre, except to say, these are the ones I have recently loved:

Billed as Ukrainian entry and winner of this year's Alternative Eurovision was temptation enough to listen to this track. Expecting this single to be less rather than more than sum of its parts, I was grateful I had given in to curiosity and opened what turned out to be Pandora's Box of dark electronica, throbbing with menace, twinkling with mystery of unexplored deep space, cloaked Klingon vessel hoving through hyper reality, Steve Hillage given new toys at helm of state of the art spaceship.

This piece is pure soundscape, but other tracks I briefly listened to, reveal another even more intriguing side to Ummagma, gothic rock and progressive mixed with Cocteau Twins and Ladytron; look forward to exploring more but have a feeling Ummagma might be my Umami moment.


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