Ummagma – River town
July 06, 2013

Carried Away with Ummagma “River Town”


Canadian-Ukrainian dreampop duo Ummagma have been up to their usual as of late – once again meddling in other country’s musical happenings. Happy to not limit their scope to the ex-USSR or the wilds (and even tame parts) of the Great White North, their latest venture has seen them simultaneously reach Italy and Finland. Why and how?





Here’s the scoop – Italy’s Som Non-Label (a division of SonofMarketing – Unknown Musical Pleasures) has released the ‘Split EP’ (yes, that is the actual name) featuring 2 songs each by Ummagma and Finnish avant jazzy postrockers Virta. Ummagma’s contribution includes “River Town” and “Back To You”, the first of which we present here. It’s chilled, drifty, a little cosmic – call it folky spacepop, spacey folkpop, or call it what you will – but do have a listen. 


Releases 2012