Ummagma: Small Victories
July 09, 2013

Band dynamics can be much like any other aspect of life – some things happen because you’ve extended your hand and someone has bothered to reach back out and take it (i.e. the ‘ask and you shall receive’ principle). Other things happen because you have planted a seed and then it has grown (even when you might have been sleeping or otherwise not paying attention).

One event that has happened to us over the past few weeks is kind of a mixture of both the seed and the hand…  On the back of ‘Eurovision’ fever, Britain’s Amazing Radio hosted its own ‘Alternative Eurovision’, hosted by Dani Charlton. A total of 21 countries were involved and, after learning that we would be representing Ukraine, we actually listened to the program with baited breath…


We were the last song entry to be played of all 21, which worked out in our favour surprisingly, as Dani repeatedly asked people to refrain from voting until the end unless they were already certain that nothing better could possibly come along.

After playing a few other tracks while the voting continued, Dani finally announced Ummagma as the winner “by a significant margin”, whatever that means. We’ll never know how many people voted for us and how many people voted overall, but what we do know is that we were floored and, on this occasion, the floor was a very nice place to be.


We also know that, had we not uploaded our tunes to Amazing Radio online last autumn, nobody there would have ever discovered us, let alone chosen us to participate in the Alternative Eurovision. Getting on radio in the UK (or anywhere) is challenging enough, so the existence of such platforms presents indie bands like ours a great opportunity. To boot, uploading your tunes there also means that you have another indie venue other than Bandcamp, for instance, to sell your music (or give it away for free, as we are doing).  You just never know where such things may lead.


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