A Negative Narrative
May 31, 2013

Ummagma are Canadian-Ukrainian duo Alexander Kretov and Shauna McLarnon. They started out in 2003 in Moscow but nowadays they’re based in western Ukraine with their daughter Nika, working in their studio where Alexx also records and produces other artists.


Last July, Ummagma released two full-length LPs (Ummagma and Antigravity). Both are an eclectic yet harmonious combination of melty dreampop, fuzzy shoegaze and cosmic post-rock and are stirring and uplifting throughout, much like the audiophoric rushes of Sigur Ros or Arcade Fire. Shauna’s delicate and airy vocals often draw comparisons to Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins, whilst glimmers of Stereolab, The Sundays and Slowdive also shine through.


You can download Risky here for less than the price of a headrush.


source: http://anegativenarrative.com/#/interviews/ummagma/

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