“Rotation” – Spinning Bliss
June 02, 2013


Ummagma “Rotation” – Spinning Bliss
We recently introduced you to Ummagma, a band doing sonic splits across the Atlantic, with one foot in Europe (Ukraine) and one foot in North America (Canada). We mainly focused on their winning the Alternative Eurovision, hosted by Amazing Radio, several remixes and mentioned several other things happening for this duo.

Today, we bring you “Rotation”, one of their songs, holding in the Scottish New Music Chart for several months already, not only because it’s a great track, but also because the accompanying video is super and we highly recommend it. Plus, the band is offering it for free download.

The VPME writes that Ummagma “sounds something like The Sundays and the Cocteau Twins might sound after dropping acid jumping in a space ship and jamming together as they float through space and time”. For this particular track, we could add a few more names to the mix – Broadcast, Curve, Ladytron and Slowdive. But one things for sure; Ummagma’s element of timelessness remains steadfast.

Note for drivers: Get some auto insurance before getting in the driver’s seat.

Note for viewers: Feast your ears and eyes.

You can find Ummagma’s loaded debut albums here & find them elsewhere in the social cosmos on FacebookTwitterYouTubeSoundcloudBandcamp & Reverbnation.


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