Choorpy Sounds Off on Ummagma
April 15, 2013

UMMAGMA, Rotation

I was listening to Rotation 
for the second time and Space Rock popped into my head. I thought I had a eureka genre-discovery moment, only to discover with a quick Google Search that ‘Space Rock’ is a long time subgenre of rock music – doh! Why did I not know this? Considering that my favourite band in the entire universe, Pink Floyd sit comfortably numb under this subgenre, I should be ashamed of myself ;/ ah well you learn something new every day! 

Why not take a day trip to the moon on the Virgin Galactica, put your Space Rock headphones on, lie back, planet gaze, and soak up the absolute magnificence ofRotation
, giving you a boundless, 3-dimensional, comet smashing ecstasy between your ears. In my waking dream, this is Richard Branson doing a voiceover for what could easily be his advertisement for the Virgin Spacefleet trips into space. Each seat on the Spacefleet has its’ very own jukebox and you have to pay to listen to the song.


‘Ummagma are a Canadian-Ukrainian duo comprised of Alexander Kretov andShauna McLarnon. ‘Ummagma began in 2003 as an affair with love and sound in Moscow, where Alexx and Shauna were living. They met at an acoustic guitar concert, their relationship developing into a marriage and the musical partnership we know today as Ummagma.’

Imagine you could live consciously in your subconscious mind for one day, remove all the clutter in there and replace it with the best moments of your life – that’s what Rotation would sound like.  Ummagma (Alexx and Shauna) 
is the brain, whereas Rotation is the mind. Neuroscience can’t understand or explain how or why the mind works – it just does. When these two met, the universe was doing what it does best, bringing people together who are meant to meet. If you don’t believe in fate then perhaps Ummagma will help you to at least consider the possibilities. 

I could talk about the music, the synths, Shauna’s voice, the melody, instrumentation etc. but to me it’s about how music makes me feel rather than the individual components. It’s about the finished picture it paints in my head and the memories it evokes or creates. The video is pure magic! That’s another review for another day.


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