“Lama” Remixed by Jane Woodman
March 08, 2013
We are pleased to announce the release of a lovely remix of our song "Lama” by Jane Woodman, who is an astounding San Francisco-based DIY artist, known for her enamouring mixture of dream-inducing guitars, dark magnetised vocals, and industrial rhythm. As already asserted by several blogs, Woodman's remix smoothly transforms the original version of this song with by contributing additional layers of guitar, programming, and vocal tracks – the effect is a dark sexy industrial glaze that envelopes the listener in subliminal layers of shoegaze, goth, post-punk, and darkwave while maintaining the dreamy soundscape that Shauna and Alexx intended.
Ummagma and Jane Woodman are mutual admirers and friends, so the remix is an extension of that relationship. Furthermore, both have ranked in the TOP-5 on NYC's Indie Darkroom Chart for the past two months and have shared the pleasure of being among the TOP-40 Scottish New Music Chart (Ummagma has held in the Chart since August and is currently at #6, having peaked at #3 in January).
Jane Woodman recently released a colour vinyl 7 "with avant cellist Zoë Keating (known for her work with Rasputina and Amanda Palmer) and will be releasing her full-length album 'Teenage Red' in mid-March with support from producer Monte Vallier (The Soft Moon, Weekend). 
Ummagma’s Alexx Kretov performed the mastering for the new "Lama” remix, while original artwork was contributed by mutt R. and graphics added by Jane Woodman.  A video for this remix should be forthcoming in the near future. Word is gradually travelling about the remix:

Ummagma - Lama (Jane Woodman remix) by Jane Woodman

"While the original version maintains a more lightly psychedelic feel, Woodman'sremix takes the song and flips it into a dark, sexy, industrial glaze."  AltSounds
"I couldn’t think of a more perfect combination or a better pair to represent the DIY music scene. Ummagma bring their consistent sound of psychedelic pop while Jane Woodman sends it off into a gothic dream.”  Dingus on Music
"A haunting listen that really keeps you on edge… almost the polar opposite of Ummagma's dream pop style. This is more like the nightmare version of "Lama". I really dig it.”  The Record Stache
"The sound here is woozy and slightly catatonic, but in a good way, recreating that warm feeling as you gently drift off to sleep.”  The Sound of Confusion
"This remix offers an abstract sentiment here and the main protagonist role lies in Shauna McLarnon's beautiful vocals.”  Peru AvantGarde
"Woodman’s version amplifies the aura of this trippy music… giving a darker urban modern footprint. The DNA is the same, but the sensations differ.”  Pequenos Classicos Perdidos

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