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January 15, 2013


Well, while we were away enjoying our vacation in Egypt, our music still managed to find new listeners by being featured on various podcasts and was included as the mini-soundtrack to three feature interviews by Poland’s “Socash & The Stars” on Polskie Radio – Here’s some of the podcasts for January, along with the relevant links. 


Aural Delights Podcast #11  http://www.mixcloud.com/BobonSCR/aural-delights-podcast-11-8th-january-2013

Detailed playlist http://bobonscr.com/2013/01/08/aural-delights-podcast-11/


Shake Hands with Danger (Radio 23) http://www.mixcloud.com/shakehandswithdangerradio/episode-109-confusion/ 


Eclectika 18 (2012-b) (England) http://www.mixcloud.com/babelgrim/eclectika-18-2012-b/


Eclectic Bliss podcast episode #65

http://EclecticBliss.com/ Listen + Download podcast Free on iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/eclectic-bliss/id354089969


Freekick Radio playlist Montreal (December 30, 2012) http://www.freekick.ca/playlists_2012_3.html#121230 


Socash & The Stars (Poland) http://thenews.pl/1/6/Artykul/123025,Socash-and-The-Stars-Lekko-Stronniczy  



FFT Radio 3.16 (Italy) playlist http://fft-radioshow.blogspot.it/2013/01/fft-316-playlist-podcast.html and the podcast is at



Boryskozielski 342 (Poland) podcast at http://www.mixcloud.com/boryskozielski/342/


The Night Show with Ummagma music review by Ladyaslan


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