Ummagma Video Among 2012 Best
December 15, 2012


This year saw the return of some old friends, and a barrage of new material from a number up-and-coming bands.

These are a few of my personal favorites of 2012, in no particular order:


Landing "Heart Finds A Beat” - From one of my top albums of 2012, their self-titled release on Geographic North

Peaking Lights "Beautiful Son” – From their album Lucifer on Weird World Records/Mexican Summer

Dreamend "Winter Wheat” – From And the Tears Washed Me, Wave After Cowardly Wave on Graveface Records

Lymbyc Systym "Falling Together” – Another one of my top favorites, Symbolyston Western Vinyl

Füxa "Our Lips Are Sealed” – Randall has returned with an album 10 years in the making, Electric Sound of Summer on Rocket Girl

Variety Lights "Feeling All Alone” – Dave Baker (ex-Mercury Rev) has also returned from a long hiatus with the album Central Flow, on Fire Records

Moon Duo "Sleepwalker” – From their album Circles, on Sacred Bones

Ummagma "Live and Let Die” – This husband and wife Canadian/Ukranian duo self-released 2 full-lengths this year, this track is from Antigravity

Baltic Fleet "Towers” – Title track from the album Towers on Blow-Up Records

Eat Lights Become Lights "Bound For Magic Mountain” – From the album Heavy Electrics on Rocket Girl

Jessica Bailiff "Violets and Roses” – New album on Kranky, At the Down-Turned Jagged Rim of the Sky

Spiritualized "Hey Jane” – Interesting to see Jason Pierce on David Letterman, from their album Sweet Heart Sweet Light







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